Our aim is Your succeed

There is no bad time for good ideas
We care for all Iraqi Universities and the entire educational process in our country


The University Of Information Technology and Communication (UOITC) is the first specialized university in Information Technology and Communication in Iraq and the area. It has been established through the academic year 2014/2015 for the conviction of the latter in finding such a university to be an Iraqi civilized emblem that keeps up with the huge informatics.

Our Innovations

Learning platforms, software and digital devices are together creating countless new ways to modify education. This way, the academic potential, strengths, weaknesses, aptitude and learning pace of every single student is catered to.
Students can access their courses from everywhere using any device joined to the internet.
In addition to attending the students in the faculties’ classrooms, they also can follow the courses through uploaded videos.
Distinguished service by providing excellent lectures available online with the required videos and resources.
By enrolling qualified graduates in the labor market, they have a significant role to play in serving the community.


University of Information Technology, thankfully that this university, new but great in giving, and in fact it has helped to prepare many programs for the ministry as well as to universities and other state institutions.
Abdul Razzaq Al-Issa
Minister of Higher Education and Sceintfic Research 2016_2018